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User Agreement

User agreement contains policies, terms & conditions and rules & regulations applicable to any person who access www.awaazghar.com. Anyone who accesses the website is bound by the user agreement.

The use of rujhaanpublications.com and the services provided by the company are subject to the privacy policy, terms & conditions, rules & regulations set forth here. In this User Agreement, ‘User’ and ‘You’ mean any person who is accessing or browsing the website and/or is a member of the website by registering here.


The Company can change or alter the terms & conditions any time and can deny access to the person who violates the terms & conditions of this User Agreement. If any amendment is made in User Agreement, then it will be notified on website only and the user who revisits the web, is required to read the User Agreement every time.

By accepting the terms of User Agreement, you agree to be bound by the rules and policies of rujhaanpublications.com.

General Terms –

The product that is made available for sale on this website may be located anywhere in the India. All the products made available for sale here, will be sold at the price listed on the site and no discount schemes will be applicable. Shipping charges, taxes will be applicable and would depend on the location of the product and the buyer. The information given during registration or given at the time of buying the product shall be considered the final shipping address for delivery of the product.

By placing an order, the buyer agrees that he or she is liable for any taxes that might be applicable and these charges shall be payable by the customer. All invoices will be raised provided to the buyer at the time of finalising a purchase.

We own the right to cancel any order placed here, before the delivery of the product, without giving any reason. We would not be liable for any errors that may occur in the pricing or description of the product.

The person who is buying from the website shall agree to abide by the provisions mentioned here. In particular, by purchasing from here, the buyer will warrant that the information submitted by him or her will be accurate and you agree to pay the charges, taxes and any other additional charges applicable on the purchase done by you.

The buyer agrees that all the information provided during registration is correct and if there is any change in the information, then the information will be intimated to ‘Awaazghar Publication immediately. ‘Awaazghar Publications’ may seek further information or verifications if it is required for granting registration. If any of the information is found inaccurate, your registration may be cancelled.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limitation

The website is only for personal use. You will use the website for the purposes for which it is intended. You cannot copy, sell, distribute, reproduce, publish, and transfer any information, software, images, products or services obtained from the website.

Links to Third Party Sites

This website may contain links to other websites. ‘Awaazghar Publications will not be liable for any transaction you make on any of these websites as these websites are not under our control.

Inclusion of the links of these websites does not imply any association with these websites. We will not be liable for any of the damage caused to you by using these third party websites.

No Prohibited Use

By using this web, you agree that you will not use this website for any purpose that is prohibited by our terms and conditions. You may not use the site in any manner that can damage or impair the website or can infringe the terms of use. You may not attempt to obtain any information through any means from the website.

Material Provided To Awaazghar Publications or Posted on the Sites

‘Awaazghar Publications’ may claim ownership of the material that is provided by you to Awaazghar Publications (including your registration data, suggestions and feedback) or post or submit to any other website. However, by submitting, posting, uploading your submissions on Awaazghar Publications.com through emails or any other means, you are allowing Awaazghar Publications to use your submission without any limitation. We can copy, edit, modify or distribute your submission. We agree that we will not use the user identifiable data that is contained in the Submissions. However, Awaazghar  Publications has the sole right to use or deal with user aggregated data.

Liability Disclaimer

The software, information, products and services available on the websites may be inaccurate. Changes are done periodically on the website. ‘Awaazghar Publications’ may make modification in the website at any time. Prior to make any decision based on the advice received via the website, it is recommended that you consult a professional for advice that fits your situation.

We do not make any representation about the availability, suitability, timeliness, reliability and accuracy of the information, products, software, services and related graphics contained on the website. All such information, products, software, services are provided “as is” here without any warranty.

In no event shall ‘Awaazghar Publications’ be liable for any indirect, direct, punitive, special, consequential damages arising out of the performance or use of the website. If you are discontented with any part of the website, you can discontinue using the website.

Termination/Access Restriction

‘Awaazghar Publications’ holds the right to end or limit your access to the website and other services at any time, without prior notice.


Copyright & Trademark Notices

All contents of this website are copyright protected in favour of Awaazghar Publications All brand names, trademarks, names etc. used on the website are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Awaazghar Publications.


You agree to comply with all terms & conditions mentioned on the website while making any purchase from the site. You acknowledge that all information you submit will be correct and you will pay all charges applicable to the product you are going to purchase.